Singing Membership FAQ

When do we rehearse?

Rehearsals are held most Monday evenings from 7:15 – 9:30 p.m. A rehearsal is occasionally scheduled on a different night of the week, or on a weekend. The official rehearsal schedule is  included in the online calendar. You are expected to be at all rehearsals, situated and ready to sing at rehearsal start time. You are expected to stay for the duration of rehearsal unless we finish the rehearsal early. 

Where do we rehearse?

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, located in the Museum District at 5200 Fannin St., Houston, Texas, 77004. We rehearse in the Sanctuary. Singers should enter the main Sanctuary doors on Fannin Street.

Where should I park?

Parking is available in the parking lot surrounding the church. Additional parking is available in the Origin Bank parking lot across Southmore Blvd., as well as on the street. Please make sure not to block the night deposit box if you park in the bank parking lot.

What do I bring to rehearsals?

You should bring your music, black folder or binder (iPads  are  also  acceptable), and two pencils to every rehearsal. You may also bring water in a screw top bottle, if desired. No food  is allowed in the sanctuary. Out of respect for fellow singers, please NO PERFUME OR COLOGNE.

Where do we perform?

Our concerts for the 2017 – 2018 season will take place at MATCH, in Midtown at 3400 Main St., Houston, TX, 77002. 

How many times do we perform a year?

We perform 3 major concert programs with 3 performances each in December, March, and June. We also perform at various functions and collaborate with other musical organizations throughout  the year.

Do we perform outside Houston or the USA?

In June 2015, the choir embarked on our first European Tour, performing in Vienna, Prague, and  Bratislava. In June 2016, the choir traveled to Chicago and collaborated with singers and instrumentalists from DePaul University. We are exploring opportunities for further travel in the future.

What type of music do we sing?

We perform music from all parts of the world, from all periods, historical and modern, and in  all styles and genres. Much of it is sung in the original languages.

Do we wear a uniform, and do I have to pay for it?

The performance dress code is full­length black pants (or long skirts for women), black closed­toe shoes, and a black top with full or three quarter­length sleeves. Uniforms are not provided. The choir issues neckties and scarves to complement the standard black concert attire at the discretion of the Artistic Director. These items are returned after each performance.

What does Membership cost?

Membership for Singer and Support Members is $80 each concert cycle. The year is divided into three concert cycles: August – November, December – March, and  April – July. A discount is offered for Members who pay for a full year Membership. A four­-month installment option is also available for each concert cycle. Arrangements may be made in case of hardship.

Is there an attendance policy?

At the beginning of each concert cycle, the Artistic Director sets a maximum number of rehearsals a singer may miss. Singers who miss more than the maximum absences allowed will be asked  to demonstrate proficient mastery of the music before being considered eligible to perform.  
The last two rehearsals before each major concert are considered mandatory rehearsals unless expressly stated by the Artistic Director. Any singers who do not attend the mandatory rehearsals are not eligible to sing in the concert.

Am I required to practice outside of rehearsals?

The purpose of our weekly rehearsals is to teach the music at the ensemble level.Working on techniques such as section unity, blend, tuning and intonation, vocal production, musical expression, and choreography. Learning your individual parts should be done outside of rehearsal. Several resources are provided to help you learn the music, including practice tracks for  individual voice parts, performance recordings, and pronunciation guides. Your Section Leader may periodically schedule sectional rehearsals outside of the weekly rehearsal. These are typically held at a section member’s home and are used for both rehearsing individual section parts and for socializing with your section.

Where do I find practice recordings and other information?

Practice recordings are in the My IVH area (intranet) of our website, Please visit the site right away to create your account. Scroll to the bottom left of the home page.

Will I have to memorize the music?

The Artistic Director may designate some songs that will need to be performed from memory. When that happens, singers will need to demonstrate satisfactory memorization to be eligible to  perform those songs.

Are there music tests?

Singers may be asked to demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the music after a piece has been rehearsed several times. This is to ensure that your concert experience is one of joy and music as opposed to stress and insecurity. Singers who cannot demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the music (notes, rhythms, and words) will be ineligible to perform.