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Houston and Texas Volunteer Resources

  • Houston Association of Volunteer Managers. Established in 1973, The Houston Association of Volunteer Administrators (HAVA) is the local professional membership association for individuals working in the field of volunteer resource management. HAVA is a dynamic organization, which has grown to include volunteer management professionals from community service agencies, hospitals, arts organizations, governmental institutions, and corporations.
  • Nonprofit Management Alliance of Texas | onestar foundation. Our vision is that the Texas nonprofit sector is the best in the country because all nonprofits in the state have access to high quality affordable management and governance strengthening services.
  • Volunteer Houston. For 41 years, Volunteer Houston has been the city's sole referral service connecting volunteers to a broad spectrum of diverse nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations all around Houston and its vicinity rely on Volunteer Houston to acquire over 50,000 volunteers per year.

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